EIT is formed as a  design, architecture and landscape studio in 1991 with the collaboration of Olga Tarrasó Climent, architect, and Julià Espinàs Casas, designer.

During its professional experience, a variety of projects have been developed ranging from the design of ephemeral spaces (exhibitions at the CCCB, graphic design and assembly of Barcelona UIA 96), masterplans for urban areas (ie. Zac des Docks de Saint-Ouen, Paris), design of urban furniture and a extensive experience in urban transformation, reaching the detail of execution projects (Port of Barcelona, ​​Badalona Seafront, etc.).

In the last twenty years, EIT has developed large-scale construction projects, as well as masterplans for urbanizations, in which basic circulation and parking strategies have also been defined. It has formed part of multidisciplinary teams in the development of territorial planning  and their subsequent concretion in construction projects.


The main approach of the studio is the adaptation of architecture and landscape to the context and its situation trough the study and respect of the pre-existing elements, including the design of urban furniture, signage, lighting, etc.



Architect for the ETSAB-UPC (1982) and Master in Landscape Design by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC (1985). Professor of several universities of Agricultural Engineering, Design, Architecture and Landscape Design in Spain and abroad. Member of several juries, such as the Ciutat de Barcelona prize (2015-2016), FAD Awards, etc.

Since its foundation in 1981 and until 2000, Olga Tarrasó was a member of the Urban Design Office in the Barcelona City Council, developing among other projects the Barceloneta Seafront Promenade (winner of the FAD Award in 1996) and the coverage of Ronda del Mig (winner of the 2006 Decade Award). During this period she has also designed urban furniture for the city.


Marta Bosch

Sergio Vendrell Felici

Joaquím Mulà

Juliana Maridani

Pablo Muñoz Montaner

Aina De Monserrat

Architect, ETSAB 1985

Architect, UPV 2015

Architect, ETSAB 2010

Architect, MACKENZIE 2012 / UPC 2017

Architect, PUC / POLIMI 2017

Architect, ETSAB 2017

Interior designer by the Massana School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona (1975) and graphic designer by L'Escola EINA (1982). Since the beginning of his professional practice, has developed his career in the field of urban furniture, lighting, interior design, architecture, urban design and landscape.

From 1980 to 1989 he worked with C. Crespo, A. Albin and A. Hernando, Architects. He has been image and signaling coordinator at the CCCB (1993-96).

Together with Olga Tarrasò, he was responsible for the graphic design, communication and ephemeral installations of the UIA Barcelona '96 (International Architecture Congress).